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Why Support Urban Forestry in NC?

If you are reading this page, then hopefully you are familiar with the NC Urban Forest Council's efforts and iniatives. Maybe you have attended one of our Carolina Canopy workshops, our Great NC Tree Conference or participated in our Tree Board Webinar Series. Maybe you have planted some trees through our Legacy Tree Fund grant program. Or maybe you just love trees, want to keep our cities and towns green with urban trees and like to stay on top of things by reading out monthly enewsletter. Either way, you rely on us to provide information and opportunities to better manage your urban trees......and we rely on the NC Forest Service's Urban & Community Forestry Program (NC U&CF) for support.


The NC U&CF serves as a major supporter of the NC Urban Forest Council's educational and outreach efforts. Without the NC U&CF Program's support we would be unable to offer the wide array of events and workshops each year that members, professionals, and NC residents have to come to enjoy.


The NC Forest Service's Urban & Community Forestry Program is funded 100% through federal funding as authorized by the Farm Bill and funded by the USDA Forest Service.


The President's initial proposed FY 18 budget eliminates federal funding for Urban & Community Forestry. This will greatly reduce the NC U&CF's program delivery and eliminate their grant program. As a result, the NC Urban Forest Council will lose financial and program support.


Without financial support and proactive planning:

  • the NC U&CF Program will not be able to sustain its 3-person staff and deliver its program to its entirety
  • tree planting through our Legacy Tree Fund program will be reduced
  • the NCUFC will not be able to deliver educational programs at its current level
  • NC communities won't get the hands-on attention as they develop their urban forestry management programs
  • fees for our workshops and conference will increase
 support urban foresty in nc

What Can You Do to Show Your Support?

Talk to your elected officials. Highlight the importance of federal investment in communities across North Carolina, as well as across the country. 


Reach out to your U.S. Congressional representatives and express your desire to continue to support urban forestry by keeping the federal program funded at its current level (even a reduction would greatly jeopardize our program). Highlight the importance of federal investment in communities across North Carolina, as well as across the country. 


You can find your Representative's contact information here: 

and your U.S. Senator can be contacted here:




To help you get started, you will find a letter template linked HERE.  Feel free to read through and adapt the template for use when making contact with your congressional representative.  If you choose to send an email to your legislative contacts, please be sure to notify us at the NCUFC ( so that we can track our progress in reaching out to Congressional representatives.  


Please take a look at the NC Urban Forestry Fact Sheet and NC U&CF 2016 Program Summary, both of which provide some background which may be helpful when used as "talking points" when spreading the word about the need to continue federal funding for urban forestry. You can download and share these resources with others and attach them to letters requesting support. 


Thank you for helping us promote support for U&CF programs!