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Tree Board Webinars

Move your Tree Board to the Next Level

NCUFC organized the first Tree Board Webinar in 2013 to help local tree boards move foward in their urban forestry program efforts.  That event quickly turned into a six year webinar series, totaling 25 learning events.  

Tree board members across the state relied on these web-based seminars to accumulate guidance for tree care techniques and board member responsibilities ... and so can you!  Whether you are new to the tree advocacy effort or are a veteran advocate needing a refresher course, sift through our library of Tree Board Webinar recordings.  You will learn the following:

  • how to navigate the political process
  • how to communicate your tree advoacy message
  • how to tackle forest management tasks
  • how to engage your volunteers 

Collectively, these webinars will help you and your tree board function more effectively so you can take your advocacy efforts to the next level.  

2019 Webinars:

Tree Board and Community Partnerships

Managing Pests in the Urban Forest

Tree Canopy Assessments

Caring for Trees with Storms in Mind

2018 Webinars:

Common Myths of Tree Planting

Municipal Perspective of Trees in Development and Construction

The Power of Partnerships

Pruning Young Trees for Good Structure, Good Economics, & Good Aesthetics

2017 Webinars:

Planting Standards

Community Tree Ordinances

Growing Your Tree City USA Program

Advocating and Marketing Your Message

2016 Webinars:

Basics of Tree Protection Ordinances

Community Tree Planting Programs:  Thinking Outside the Lines

The Role of Advocacy in Community Forestry

Management Plans:  Know What You Need

2014 Webinars:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Tree Boards

Tree Ordinances

Arbor Day Celebration:  Concept and Ideas

Tree Inventories:  What are Your Options and How Do You Use Them?

2013 Webinars:

Tree Board 101

Understanding the Political Process

Community Forestry Planning

Messaging & Communications 101 for Arborists and Tree Lovers

Getting Things Done:  Engaging Your Volunteers

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