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Preparing Your Trees for Storms

Safely Clean Up Your Trees After Storms


Readiness, Response, & Recovery April 29, 2021

(for Municipalities and Arborists)

Presenters: Andy Pleninger, NCFS, Urban & Community Forestry Program Coordinator

Aaron Reese, Forestry Management Supervisor, City of Wilmington

This webinar provides NC communities and arborists with an overview of the 3Rs urban forest storm plan development process; readiness, response, and recovery. It is important for your community to have a plan in place to ensure your community is ready, your response is safe and effective and your recovery will conserve your urban forest resource moving forward. Andy discusses this planning process that integrates into existing emergency response plans and will ensure you are prepared to manage future storm events, big and small. Aaron presents his insights and experience with how Wilmington's trees have been impacted by past hurricanes and how the city manages the post-storm tree damage. 

Readiness: Getting Youir Trees Ready for the Storm June 8, 2021

(for Homeowners)

Presenter: Barb Fair, Ph.D, NC State University
Our first webinar in the homeowner series details what to do long before the storm hits. Dr. Fair shares tips for proper tree selection and placement. You will learn how to hire an arborist and what to expect when they visit. Experienced arborists typically prune young trees to allow them to better withstand the storm, as well as prune the big trees to minimize damage. Finally, you will learn what makes a particular tree or portion of a tree more prone to failure during the storm and how you can prevent substantial losses to keep your landscape safe and your trees healthy.

Response & Recovery: Now that the Storm has Passed, Plan for the Future June 17, 2021

(for Homeowners)

Presenter: Barb Fair, Ph.D., NC State University

In this session you will be guided through a typical clean-up response once the storm has passed. What damage might you encounter? What kind of assistance can you expect from your arborist? We will share insights into what trees can be readily saved and what trees may require removal. Finally, we will help you think about future planting projects, and how to work with your arborist to develop a long-term plan for proper tree management that will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come, no matter what the storms may bring.

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