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Many continuing education events on tap this fall!

Attend a workshop/webinar to enjoy a break from the field

NCUFC has many opportunities scheduled between now and Christmas for you to keep your arborist skills fresh and expand your knowledge of urban forestry.

Our NC Community Tree Webinar line up includes:

  • recruitment & retenion stratmaegies of skilled workers across all demographics

Our Carolinal Canopy Workshop series features:

  • tree ordinance implementation & enforcement 

If you're ready to sit for your ISA Certified Arborist exam, attend our prep course and review.

Register today by vsiting our Upcoming Events page.

Protecting Trees Where We Live, Work, and Play

Meet the 2023 Legacy Tree Fund Grant Recepient

In July 2023, the NCUFC Board of Directors reviewed multiple competitive applications for the Legacy Tree Fund.  They agreed to support Asheville GreenWorks' request for $15,000.  

The approved project entitled, Building Climate Resilience through Urban Forestry in Heat Vulnerable Neighborhoods, will occur among multiple locations in Asheville. Click here to learn more about this fabulouls project!    

Explore careers in urban forestry

Between January and July 2023, we were thrilled to have Emma Howrilla intern with us as she completed here Bachelor's studies in Science, Techonlogy and Society at NC State.  For her internship, Emma blogged about her exploration of urban forestry careers.  Entitled In a Nutshell, the blog features summaries of Emma's interviews with different types of arborists and urban foresters across the State of North Carolina.  

Do you wonder what it means to be an arborist or urban forester?  Follow Emma's journey as she ponders the same question!  Visit the In a Nutshell Blog today!

Arboriculture Certificate Program

tree climbing training at Alamance Community College

Want to gain training in arboriculture?  Register for the 16-week Arboriculture Certificate Program at Alamance Community College by clicking here.  Topics covered include:

  • pest management
  • introductory and advanced arboriculture
  • tree climbing
  • business communications
  • equipment operation and maintenance
  • many more!

The program runs from 1 December 2023 to 22 March 2024.  Attendees must complete weekly assignments online and attend approximately 7 in-person classes (all on Fridays).  The program cost is $186, and the registration deadline is Friday 17 November 2023.  Have questions?  Call  336-506-4322 for more information.

Urban Wood = Quality Wood for Carpentry

Wild Edge Woodcraft owner, Avery Earwood, has his roots in arboriculture but now focuses full time on carpentry using only urban wood. Learn more about his impressive wood processing business with this video. Then visit https://www.ncufc.org/NC-Urban-Wood-Group.php to learn how you can support the urban wood movement.