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UPCOMING EVENTS February 13, 2020

Southeast Trees & the Law Symposium

Join us for our first ever Trees & the Law Syposium: Navigating the Complexities of Neighborhood Tree Law. This one day event will focus on lessons learned and education presented are derived from the knowledge gained after 1000 litigated cases involving trees.  Topics will include neighbor law, wrongful death, personal injury, and attorney interpretations of the ANSI A300 series. Learn more >

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Protecting Trees Where We Live, Work, and Play

A recent national survey documents a disappointing trend—only one tree is planted for every four removed in our cities and towns. Across North Carolina, there is a growing awareness of the importance of trees within our communities.

The Legacy Tree Fund

Each year, the NCUFC awards grants to community groups, civic associations, block clubs, garden clubs, and other non-profit organizations for urban forestry projects involving tree planting.
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