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Event Name: NC Urban Wood Group workshop - Bucking Hardwood Logs for Urban/Suburban Tree Professionals
Date: 03/30/16
Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Full Agenda


8:00–8:45              Registration


8:45- 9:00              What is Highest Use? – an examination of location, potential, markets and policy


9:00-9:25               Turning Trees into Lumber - a look at felling, bucking, hauling and milling of logs on production and small mills


9:25-9:45               The Basics of Lumber Grading – introduction to NHLA cutting units, grading face, standard grades, minimum yields and the difference between NHLA and “craft” grades




10:00-10:30            Recognizing and Evaluating Defects – how to read what to expect on the inside of log from the map on the outside


10:30-11:00            Log Scaling and Grading – understanding the rules makes cutting better logs easier


11:00-11:15            Rules of Thumb – boiling it all down into 4 easy to remember rules of thumb 




11:30-12:00            Managing Small Woodlots – what services do small woodlot owners want and need and what tools can you provide?


12:00–1:00             Lunch (provided)


1:00–3:00               Tour of Carolina Urban Lumber

Damon Barron of Carolina Urban Lumber will take us on a tour of his milling operation. We will look at the raw materials, milling operations, air drying and kiln drying.


  **3.75 ISA and 4.5 CAT 1 SAF education credits have been approved**


 A special thanks to the workshop sponsor: Arborguard Tree Specialists


Location: Clanton Park - Dorothy D. Waddy indoor pavilion - Charlotte, NC


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