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NC Urban Tree Search

The NC Urban Tree Selector will assist you with selecting the right tree for the right place based on six key tree and site attributes. You do not need to make a selection in each attribute category or you can make multiple selections in each attribute category, however the more specific your criteria the better the search results.

What species are you looking for?

For a complete listing of definitions, please click here.

Find trees useful to my specifications

  Mountain   Piedmont   Coast

Mature Tree Size:
  Small   Medium   Large   Very Large

Light Required:
  Full Sun   Part Sun   Full Shade   Part Shade

Planting Site Size:
  Tree Pit   Tree Lawn 4-6 ft   Tree Lawn 6-8 ft   Park/Open Area

Soil Moisture:
  Wet   Dry   Moist

Growth Habit:
  Columnar   Oval   Weeping   Vase   Pyramidal   Round