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Duke Energy $22,000 grant enables NC Urban Forest Council to plant trees in NC communities and educate on Right Tree, Right Place

The NC Urban Forest Council is excited to announce its fifth year partnering with Duke Energy to support planting trees in NC communities. The $22,000 grant will help provide funding for the NC Legacy Tree Fund program, which offers grants to NC communities and community groups to plant trees and keep our cities green. The Duke Energy Foundation grant will also provide funds for developing a utility friendly trees guide for the Carolinas.


The purpose of the NC Legacy Tree Fund is to provide financial assistance to communities across North Carolina for tree planting projects that help educate North Carolina citizens about the importance of trees and the role they play in improving air and water quality, reducing energy costs, increasing real estate values, providing wildlife habitat, and creating opportunities for residents to relax and enjoy nature.


Since its inception in 2010, the NC Legacy Tree Fund has funded 19 tree planting projects, helping plant over 4700 trees. Without the partnership with Duke Energy, we would not have been able to fund as many projects and get closer to reaching our goal to plant 10,000 trees by 2020.


A portion of the grant will allow the Council to develop a citizen guide to planting utility friendly trees. The guide will highlight the Right Tree, Right Place concept, helping homeowners to make informed decisions about what trees to plant around utilities. The booklet will be distributed throughout the states of NC and SC.