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Leave the Leaves

Sometimes we do a whole lotta work because we’ve always done it that way. And then we find out we can do a whole lot better by doing a whole lotta less work. This is going to be one of those times, and don’t worry about thanking me, cause I saved myself the work too.
We’ve been raking and blowing leaves for as long as I can remember, trying to get those pesky fallen objects off my grass and out from underneath my trees. Well guess what. Leaves are nature’s perfect plant food. All that work we were doing was just starving the plants of nutrition!
Turns out a better way to manage leaves is to do nothing at all. Unless you’re working for my grandma, who wanted to see the grass all winter. In that case, you can just mow the leaves right into the grass, or blow them into the mulch beds and mow them there too.
With all that fresh leaf nutrition, both your grass and your trees should be greener next year. Who knew that just leaving well enough alone could be good for everyone involved?!
So this year, leave the leaves. And now that you have all that free time, feel free to go out and plant a tree. You know, enjoy the fall!

Katie Rose Levin
Leaf & Limb Consulting