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NEW Free Mobile App for Tree Benefits Available

Davey Tree has just announced a new free mobile app that provides tree benefits data based on i-Tree.  See below for details, and visit with your mobile device to download the app.



Trees Make $ense

Your Trees Pay You Back. Learn How With Tree$ense, Davey’s New Mobile App.


Trees make sense. They add beauty to every season of the landscape, they cleanse the air, absorb CO2, reduce rainwater runoff and shield us from sun and wind. Trees make sense.

But trees also make cents. Yes, cents … as in dollars and cents.

While we don’t expect you to actually harvest $20 bills from your leafy friends, trees do work for us in major, quantifiable ways. In fact, trees may be one of the best financial investments you make on your property.

How do we know? Because trees have been our business since 1880. And we have Tree$ense, a new, free mobile app (visit with your mobile device) created by The Davey Tree Expert Company and powered by i-Tree Design.

Tree$ense turns users into TREEconomists, who can qualify and quantify their trees’ benefits and place trees in the best positions in the landscape to maximize these perks, including how much storm water the trees will intercept, how much carbon dioxide they will sequester and how much air pollution they will reduce. Visit with your mobile device to access the tool.