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Urban Wood Group July 2016 Special Edition Newsletter

Save The Date—August 26 Georgia World Congress Center


For the first time ever, the Urban Wood Movement will make its presence felt at theInternational Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.

The Full Circle Urban Forestry Network, comprised of urban wood utilization groups in four states – Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin – is organizing a free 90-minute seminar, “Urban Wood Utilization: Making Wood Products and Profits from Landscape Trees.” The session is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Attendees of this free session will learn::

  • How to find sources of urban wood;
  • The unique source local/buy local marketing appeal of urban wood products and the interesting stories they tell;
  • The environmental advantages of utilizing urban wood;.
  • An opportunity to get answers to their questions posed to a panel of seasoned urban wood product experts.

Note: While the seminar is being presented free of charge, advanced registration is re­quired to guarantee a seat. Learn more and register at NBS6.

For information about becoming a seminar sponsor and general inquiries, contact Rich Christianson at richc.illinoisurbanwood@gmail.com773-822-6750.


Be on the lookout for more special editions as the Urban Wood Exchange prepares to go live online—More information coming soon!!!