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Where can I get wood?
Urban wood does take a journey to find as where you can find depends upon those who have created a business to make this unique wood available to the public. Persons and businesses to contact include the county forest ranger, the city tree arborists and local small sawmills.

Can I sell my wood?
Small sawmill often do pay for urban wood, usually from arborists who take down trees for homeowners and businesses. You can check with the local arborists and small sawmill businesses to see if they are interested in buying your trees.

Who sells urban wood?
Small sawmills are the best option for buying urban wood.

Will this make people want to cut down more urban trees?
No, trees are living creatures and are die as part of the cycle of life and some trees do need to be removed due to becoming hazards or are in the way of development.

I have a dying tree, who do I call?
Tree arborists and trimming services are often the businesses contacted to safely remove trees in urban settings. You can ask about being able to route your trees to a sawmill that can turn your trees into beautiful wood products.

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