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Right Place

Putting the Right Tree in the Right Place


The first thing you need to do is to determine what you want the tree to do for you.



Answering these questions can help determine where to locate a tree and what type of tree you want or need.


You also need to determine if the tree needs full sun, partial shade (like dogwood) or a wetter environment (like weeping willow).


Selecting the Planting Site
You need to consider several important factors in selecting the best site for your trees. Check for potential obstacles that might cause a problem. You do not want to place a tree that might interfere with buildings, utility lines, pavement like driveways and walks, and intersection sightlines. See some examples in the illustrations below. Also, you should plant your tree:


Other Important Factors to Consider



How to Plant a Tree
The illustration below provides the basic steps you should take to plant a tree.