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NC Community Tree Webinar: Making Urban Forests Equitable- Evidence and Strategies for Community Engagement

May 26, 2021

10:00 - 11:15 a.m. EDT

Making Urban Forests Equitable: Evidence and Strategies for Community Engagement
Presenter: Dr. Christine Carmichael
                   Fair Forests Consulting, LLC
 "Environmental justice" refers to the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people--regardless of their race, income, or other characteristics--in the policies and actions we take to manage our environment. Urban and community forestry is not exempt from environmental injustices: Extensive evidence demonstrates that tree canopy is often healthier and more abundant in wealthier, whiter neighborhoods across the United States. This reality is not an accident, but rather the result of historic and systemic racism, which must be understood and addressed to achieve environmental justice. 
Creating more "just" urban forests is not as simple as planting trees in low canopy neighborhoods. This work will entail sustained and cohesive efforts among several sectors to engage equitably with low canopy communities to achieve mutual urban forestry goals. Dr. Carmichael conducted research in Detroit, Michigan from 2014 to 2017 to understand why residents in predominantly Black neighborhoods submitted "no-tree requests" when offered a free street tree by a non-profit organization. This presentation will describe specific lessons from this research in Detroit, as well as from a well-established body of environmental justice research, that can be applied to efforts to engage more diverse people in equitably restoring and sustaining urban forests. 
This webinar will be interactive and provide tools and resources for participants to take with them to apply in their future work!
A webinar link will be emailed to registrants at least one day before the workshop.

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