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NC Urban Wood Group Webinar

Sep 08, 2022

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Challenges and Success in Urban Wood

Moderator: Frederik Laleicke – NC State Wood Products Extension 

Over the last decades, urban wood products have emerged as an appealing, innovative, and economically viable branch within the forest products sector.  Products, such as live edge furniture, fireplace mantels, and other solid wood furnishings, have gained popularity among designers, builders, and consumers.  For existing companies, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and the semi-retired, urban wood processing has become a promising and fulfilling business opportunity with relatively low requirements for seed capital.  

What if you had some logs and a saw?  What does it take to successfully make urban wood? 

This webinar will be all about success:

  1. Best practices for running an urban wood business       
  2. Personal stories of success      
  3. Sawing and Drying: What do you need to become serious about urban wood?
  4. What sources of information are available, and where?

The North Carolina Urban Wood Group is organizing this FREE webinar and the North Carolina Urban Forest Council is hosting it.  

Register now to learn how you can turn your residential and commercial wood waste into a beautiful and marketable product.


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