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About the Urban Forest

A recent national survey documents a disappointing trend; only one tree is planted for every four removed in our cities and towns. Across North Carolina, there is a growing awareness of the importance of trees within our communities.


Trees improve the quality of our air and water and enhance the appeal of our roads, neighborhoods and commercial developments. Trees make our cities and towns more livable.


From coastal Manteo to mountainous Murphy, a renewed interest in sustaining healthy, productive urban and community forests is on the rise.


Only through grassroots involvement can community forestry take root, grow and flourish. Citizens from all walks of life are getting involved.


Efforts come not only from horticulturists, urban foresters, elected officials and arborists, but also from teachers, concerned citizens and neighborhood activists. The Council also represents nonprofit organizations, businesses, public agencies and community groups.

“For every four trees removed in our cities, only one is replanted.”

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